Meet Grandpa




  An unproblematic king who did nothing but make the people around him smile.                                                                        
If you were to have had any type of encounter with my Grandpa, you would probably think he is one of the kindest human beings you have ever met. In all the years that I have known him, I have never heard him badmouth anybody or anything. Even in the worse times he still remained positive. He treated everyone with the equal amount of love and respect. It was always a comfortable environment around him because he was never one to judge. You can come as you are and not feel bad about it. I learned to unapologetically be myself and ignore anyone who tried to change me because there will always be someone like my Grandpa who will accept and love you for you. 
My Grandpa's closet is packed with all types of clothes from the Philippines to pretty well known brands in the fashion industry. The usual attire would be the same blue and grey sweatpants suit he wore on a day to day basis. Whenever there was a party involved, my Grandpa would show up with the flyest fits. Credit to my amazing Grandma who was basically his personal stylist.
To my Grandpa,
Thank you so much for having such a huge impact on me. Without you, I would not have the name Grandpa's Room. You helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life because I was able to fall in love with fashion by wearing your clothes. Aside from my business, I want to also thank you for telling me a joke almost every single time that I seen you. The fact you cracked jokes to everyone just to see them smile showed how beautiful of a person you are. You are a legend. We are still retelling your infamous jokes and laughing as if it was our first time hearing them. I know you will be right by my side during this lifelong journey of being an entrepreneur. I promise I will make you and Grandma proud. If you're wondering how my business is, it's doing pine tree.
I love you